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Hanging Tough . . .

I recently read an article that detailed the world’s most expensive clothing hanger. For $460, you get a birch-wood plywood mold with your selection from an array of designs across the lower rod area. You’d have to be a pretty serious, and wealthy, fashionista to invest in that.

While not as extravagant, we at Sudsies think our hangers are pretty nifty too. Forget wimpy wires, your clothes will hang happily upon return from our facility. The blue coating is safe on fabric, while the speciality design ensures no wearing or warping around the shoulder area. For slippery garments, our plastic hangers have built-in fasteners, while our wide shoulder design option supports heavier pieces to prevent any sagging.

Even Mother Nature loves our packaging, which is made completely from recyclable material. Furthermore, we provide recycling assistance for the hangers (if you’re willing to part with them) – simply return the items to our facility, or place with your next Sudsies order for complimentary pick-up.

While your clothing may not command a $460 hanger, they do deserve to be perched on quality hangers that preserve their look and overall life. For more information about our many laundry and dry cleaning services, visit us at

Clean Tip from Sudsies:  Once your dry cleaning order is returned safe and sound, remove the plastic covering before placing back in closet to prevent any humidity moisture from building up and getting locked inside, which can cause damage to your favorite items over time. Good news, Sudsies protective coverings are made of recyclable materials too!



Sudsies Dry Cleaners & Laundry Expands Services within Broward County

MIAMI BEACH, FL — Favorite garments maintain their hanger appeal thanks to Sudsies Dry Cleaners & Laundry. Lauded in South Florida for its wide array of quality clothing care and personal customer attention, the dry cleaning company now delivering this unique experience to Weston. The Sudsies mobile fleet will cover every residential and commercial location across the city six days a week, offering complimentary pick-up and delivery for all services.

“Like our vans, word-of-mouth travels quickly across South Florida, and we’ve seen an increased demand to expand our Broward country presence,” says Jason Loeb, Founder and CEO of parent company Brandsies. “Our clients appreciate the results, but also the convenience they enjoy when using our services and we’re looking forward to taking great care of our Weston customers.”

Westonites will enjoy the full scope of Sudsies eco-friendly services including dry cleaning, laundry and alterations. Speciality services such as couture cleaning, vintage repair, bridal gown preservation and damage restoration are supported by a detailed expertise to ensure appropriate methods are applied for the maintenance of more delicate garments. Customers can schedule their preferred times with just a click of the mouse on the dry cleaner’s website at, where they can also manage their personal account, track the status of their order and make special requests. Scheduling can also be done via email or phone to the customer care department at and 305.864.3279. Those with predictable loads can arrange regularly scheduled services on a daily, bi-weekly or weekly basis in advance. Freshly cleaned, pressed or repaired items are returned within 72 hours; however, unique rush requests are accommodated.

In addition to Weston, Sudsies serves the entire Miami-Dade area, as well as several regions in Broward and Palm Beach counties. High-tech facilities, in-depth expertise and customer focus are a part of the Sudsies S.M.I.L.E. mantra to provide friendly, impacting experiences for its clientele. More information about Sudsies and its offerings can be found at or by phoning 1.888.898.SUDS (7837).

About Sudsies Dry Cleaners & Laundry
Based on Miami Beach, Sudsies is full-service dry cleaning company dedicated to clean clothes, clean service and a clean environment. An industry pioneer for South Florida home pick-up and delivery services, the Sudsies fleet of bubbly, blue and yellow vans offer prompt service to every nook and corner across the tri-county area, while a team of highly-trained specialists care for garments and customers with a smile. The vast range of services includes ecological dry cleaning and laundry processes, alterations and tailoring, clothing restoration, bridal gown storage or alteration and knowledge of specialty items such as couture garments. At Sudsies, customers look and feel their best, while sister company Rugsies Carpet & Drapery ensures customers live in their best with on-site home or office cleaning for carpets, drapes furniture and other home items. For more information about Sudsies, please call 1.888.898.SUDS (7837) or visit

Home Sweet Hangers


Great gift from a Great company


Our Clothes love Sudsies

Sudsies makes you Smile!

Spreading smiles across the Empowered Womans Success Summit Nov. 11th – 12th 2010.


Green Dry-Cleaner

The year was 1970, the show was Sesame Street, the crooner was Kermit the Frog and the song was “Bein’ Green” a lament about how ‘it’s not easy being green’. Interestingly enough, it was also the year President Nixon formed the heretofore non-existent federal Environmental Protection Agency. Fast forward 40 years, and while being green still isn’t easy, it is a desirable goal for anyone who cares about leaving our children a healthy eco-system to live in. Today, being green is no longer an expression of melancholy because it makes you less than others around you; it’s a call to action to make the world a better (greener) place.

At Sudsies, we’re yellow (like the sun), we’re blue (like the sky) and yes, we’re green, like the world we want to live in. We practice what we preach and live every working day reducing, reusing and recycling everything imaginable. We use multiple cleaning processes and all of them in an uber-environmentally responsible way- reducing, recycling, purifying and reusing to the point where with one little ounce of cleaning fluid we can clean 15 garments and with one gallon we can clean 2,000! Amazing, isn’t it! And you should take comfort in knowing that our laundry uses only biodegradable detergents, conditioners and sizings, with bacteriostat additives. But that’s only the start.

We’ve reduced our carbon footprint through an in depth vehicle maintenance regimen. We invested in water recirculation systems and installed low water usage equipment throughout our production facility. We overhauled our lighting and office equipment to be energy star rated and mercury free. We even have a motion detector in our storage rooms and bathrooms so the lights go out whenever anyone leaves the room. We use recycled paper, glass and metal in our lunch room, and went so far as to invest tens of thousands of dollars in high quality hangers suitable for recycling. Our plastic covers are biodegradable, we car pool or use public transportation to get to work, and the list goes on and on.

We didn’t do it all overnight. It took time. It took thought. It took planning. It took money to invest in new technologies and supplies. For us, being green is a work in progress. Last year, we were accepted as a FOUR leaf member of the Green Cleaners Council, where we are constantly made aware of new things (big and small) we can do to make a difference. We are eager to rise to their ever evolving and intensifying challenges to do more, to be greener! For Sudsies, green isn’t a fashionable fad that businesses are wearing this year, green is who we are – whether it is in or out of fashion..

Connect with your Customers

In today’s world, meeting, greeting and mingling seem to be as important as ever. And life, love, business and pleasure – both online and in “the real world” – always go better when you look your best. Because when you look good, you feel good. And sometimes, image is everything. Especially when you’re making a first impression.

At Sudsies, we’ve always prided ourselves on making a strong first impression – and making sure you look good when your time comes to do the same. For us, looking good has always begun and ended with our unwavering dedication to customer service.

From our free pickup and delivery service to our intensive hands-on approach to couture garment cleaning to our commitment to eco-friendly practices, everything we do is with our customers’ best interests in mind and at heart. That includes our social media efforts.

If you’re a familiar reader of this blog – and if you’re not, what are you waiting for? – you know that we address a wide variety of helpful topics. Eco-friendly cleaning tips. Drycleaning storage advice. Stain-removal secrets. The reality of wrinkle-free garments. Much, much more. And now that we’ve decided to blog more frequently, you’ll find even more time- and money-saving pointers right here in this space.

We’ve also made a splash on Facebook, today’s do-it-all home to social networking wants and needs. Here, you can find helpful videos, captivating ads, time-saving tips, money-saving coupons and discounts, and much more. Check it out for yourself today:


Green Drycleaning

The specialized eco-friendly business has also witnessed a rush in eco-friendly performance and trade. More classy dry cleaners, such as Sudsies, utilize an “environmental wet cleaning” procedure that use especially treated and inured water, in addition to extra conventional solvents. Sudsies is an eco friendly drycleaners that offers pickup and delivery.

At Sudsies we are concerned regarding the surroundings and we are following a “green dry-cleaning” process.  We’re a proud associate of the “Green Cleaners Council” due to our “wet cleaning process”, which is sanctioned via the EPA Design for the Environment curriculum and plastic hanger reprocess agenda.

What can we say, we’re just clean , friendly green dry-cleaning people We have well trained staffs who are an expert in all aspects of clothing restoration ranging from your favorite leather jacket with water or mildew stains or that one-of-a-kind dress with smoke or fire damage, we’ll do our best to restore it. And with our state-of-the-art odor treatment process, we’ll get rid of any funky odors, too.


Mobile Drycleaning

Sudsies is a dry cleaning service located at in South Florida. We clean all…ranging from a simple shirt to carpet including fabrics, even comforters, area rugs and more. Our Service includes a very friendly delivery service where we will visit your home, condo, office, even your boat to pickup & deliver your garments for free.

We are very customer-friendly and garment-friendly, too. We are expert in hand-spotting, hand-pressing and hand-finishing designer clothing and Fashion wears. Leave all headaches to us, our complementary pickup & delivery for dry cleaning service will provide ease and convenience from your home, your office, even from your yacht. We have a excellent delivery service all over Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

  We have well trained staffs who are an expert in all aspects of clothing restoration ranging from your favorite leather jacket with water or mildew stains or that one-of-a-kind dress with smoke or fire damage, we’ll do our best to restore it. And with our state-of-the-art odor treatment process, we’ll get rid of any funky odors, too.