Your current marketing strategy probably includes targeting and bringing in new clients. Your marketing strategy probably includes retaining your existing clients as well. These are both basic and sound principals of marketing. However, these are trying times for businesses and you have to start thinking outside of the proverbial box.

At Sudsies we have been successful at creating a loyal client base through our commitment to quality and superior customer service. Our clients have come to know what to expect from Sudsies. That got me to thinking…What other similar services could I offer my already loyal client base?

Here is where the vertical part comes in. Sudsies has created various sister companies offering rug cleaning (Rugsies), duct cleaning (Ductsies) and soon to come exterminating services (Bugsies). By now you probably get the idea. I’ve targeted my loyal customer base that trusts Sudsies to provide a great service. Now we’ve introduced other services for their home. They already trust us to pick up and deliver their clothes – why wouldn’t they trust us taking care of things in their home as well?

So think about going vertical with your marketing strategy!!