Apparently, August 18th is “National Bad Poetry Day.” Never one to pass up a celebration, we had a little literary fun…

Never one to pass up a celebration, we had a little literary fun in honor of #BadPoetryDay

A Clean Story

Once upon a time
There lived a man
Who believed in clean clothes
And the power of a van

Thus, began Sudsies
South Florida’s now renowned dry cleaning and laundry
With free pick-up and drop-off
Without ever a quandary

They’ll press your suits
They’ll hang your dresses
They’ll fold your shirts
Removing all stains and messes

Their alterations department
Is brilliant with a needle and thread
While their preservations team
Can immortalize everything vintage and gowns of wed

Say designer labels
Are your guilty lure
Well splurge away
Because Sudsies specializes in couture

If your time is tight
Let us do the laundry by the pound
Sudsies has your back even when you travel
Via an Express service that mails all around

As you can imagine
Sudsies has captured a loyal clientele
From professionals to fashionistas
Who want to look and feel swell

Even Mother Earth loves Sudsies
For our continuous support
Of environmental-friendly cleaning processes
And community rapport

Oh, but that’s not all
Here’s the best part
Sudsies’ quality service is delivered with a smile
Straight from the heart