Do the right thing...even the little things, because if you start by doing those right, then the big things are going to come. –Jason Cespedes reveals the secret to Sudsies’ success.In continuation of our series highlighting the people of Sudsies, we turn our attention to Jason Cespedes. Jason has grown with the company, performing a number of different responsibilities before he took the position of Sales Manager. However, Jason said that he wasn’t happy with the title Sales Manger; he felt it didn’t fit his true role in the company. Thus, we’ve re-dubbed him Jason Cespedes, Sudsies Relationship Manager.

As Relationship Manager, Jason leads business development, earning the trust of property managers, concierges, clothing boutiques, and other fashionable influencers who help spread the word about Sudsies’ services. Despite his tenure with the company, Jason’s background isn’t in dry cleaning or even fashion, but in hospitality.  Hospitality was his college major, and after school, he went on to manage a restaurant.

“Sudsies isn’t in the dry cleaning business… it’s in the people business,” he explains. “We have a lot of tremendous services, but it’s our hospitality-focused mindset that makes our company so successful.”

While finishing up school, Jason would visit his childhood friend Luis Moreno, now Sudsies General Manager, at the facility. “I loved the high energy,” he recalls. Owner Jason Loeb picked up on his enthusiasm and asked him to join the family. Eight years later, the company has grown significantly in employees, customers, and clothing volume.

Jason’s success in reaching and maintaining a strong clientele base lies in his tenacity. His ringer is never off and it’s not uncommon to find him doing off-hour pickups or meetings. “When you are in the service business, you’ve committed to making the customer happy. Therefore, you do whatever it takes to get the job done,” says Jason. That means going wherever the customers are. Sudsies pick-up and delivery services include not only private homes and residential buildings, but office buildings, schools, boats… any location convenient for the customer.

Despite his hard work and sometimes long hours, Jason is consistently energetic. Coming from a humble family, he focuses on never losing appreciation for the good things in life. “I’m naturally a positive person and Miami is such a fun city. Put those two together and it’s a win-win. I can’t think of a better place nor better people with whom to work with.”

Sure, Jason is nice and has a killer smile, but what’s the real secret to his business success? “Do the right thing…even the little things, because if you start by doing those right, then the big things are going to come.”

Don’t know about you, but we’re sold.