The Power of a Smile

We’d like to think that we are a unique dry cleaner. We try to do more than simply make you look good.  We want you to feel good too.  So, here at Sudsies, we emphasize smiles… and not just theoretically. Turns out, there is real science behind the positive effects of this simple gesture.

Smiling Causes Happiness
Can a mere facial expression snap you out of a mood? A 1998 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates yes. Students were asked to view images of people with positive or negative expressions, with some asked to mimic the expressions they were viewing. Those who simply viewed the images found no change in their mood; however, those who smiled or frowned back found a positive or negative change in their mood, respectively. Furthermore, participants who viewed themselves in the mirror while smiling found even greater changes, indicating that the visual feedback creates self-awareness of the mood-related expressions. So, even if you can’t find someone to smile with you, a glimpse of your happy face can do the trick!

… Even When Forced
Turns out your smile doesn’t even have to be sincere to reap the positive effects. A study last year in the Journal of Physiological Science used chopsticks to put smiles in place on its subjects. Those with the broadest smiles (the kind that involves eye crinkling) recovered from varying stressful situations far quicker than those with smaller smiles and those with neutral expressions. So even if you don’t feel like it, grin and bear it… you might just feel better.

Smiling Makes You More Attractive
Smile,s in of in themselves, are beautiful, but they can actually make you appear more beautiful too. Research in 2003’s Neuropsychologia found that viewing attractive faces activated the brain region responsible for processing sensory rewards. Activity in this region sparked for all “pretty” faces, but was even stronger when the attractive faces were smiling. Another study by Orbit Complete discovered that 69% of people find women more attractive when they smile over than when they wear makeup. Why spend all that money on skincare and beauty products when a smile is free?!

Smiling is Good for Your Health
They say laughter is the best medicine. The book Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion states that smiling activates the release of stress-fighting neuropeptides, specifically the feel-good ones– dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, which all act to lower your heart rates and blood pressure. Furthermore, endorphins are known to act as a natural pain reliever. We’re not saying a smile is going to cure a major migraine, but if accumulated over time, you might find yourself both more happy and healthy.

And the most important thing to know about smiles… They are contagious
Research from the University of North Dakota reports that 50% of people reciprocate a smile. Ok, so half might not seem that overwhelming, but then compare it to the nearly 0% of people who reciprocated a frown. Now, we’re impressed. Regardless, passing on a smile can’t hurt – a Scandinavian Journal of Psychology study found that it takes conscious effort to actually frown when witnessing a smile.

So, today, try to give a smile to at least five people… you never know what positive effects may result.
In addition to handing out free smiles with clean clothes, here are some other ways Sudsies adds that extra pep to our customers’ day.

  • Complimentary pickup & delivery to whatever location you prefer (home, office, boat, park, car… you name it)
  • For those that do visit our facilities, it’s our pleasure to carry your freshly pressed items to the car for you
  • Special efforts for special requests
  • Recognizing important milestones for our clients: birthdays, anniversaries, etc. (If we don’t have it, please share with us so that we may offer a celebratory token on your special day.)
  • Environmentally-friendly practices incorporating EPA-approved processes.


Now, smile . . . and make it a great day!