During Hanukkah nights, Christmas Day, and all other holiday celebrations in between, we at Sudsies have family in mind. We happen to come from quite a large one. Bonded by dedication, passion, and hard work, our team is loyal to the Sudsies commitment to be more than a dry cleaner.  Our family provides a professional service that makes people look and feel good.

Our extended group of relatives is our incredible, impressive client base across South Florida.  Your support has helped us grow, evolve, and push ourselves to become the best we can be… and that is the true spirit of family.

BUT….as with every family, we can’t help offering a little unsolicited advice. Here are some tips for clean and fashionable festivities. Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday!

1. Sequins and Texas Hair Don’t Mix –  Hairspray film can dilute the sparkle and even discolor sequin garments, so be sure to make all your finishing spritzes before getting dressed.

2. Strapping Appeal – For holiday parties consider a strapped handbag so you have both hands free for cocktailing and greeting shakes and hugs. We like this Kate Spade evening bag, as it can quite possibly go with anything!

"I Kissed Frog Multi Clutch "- Kate Spade

I Kissed Frog Multi Clutch – Kate Spade

That said, straps and embellished jewelry should stay in the closet when wearing satin or silk items, as the accessories can snag the fabric easily, causing irreparable damage. In this case, we’d recommend a glamorous wristlet like this Jimmy Choo number.

Light Gold Embossed Mirror Leather Clutch Bag - Jimmy Choo

Light Gold Embossed Mirror Leather Clutch Bag – Jimmy Choo

3. Pump Pain – They don’t call them “killer shoes” just for their good looks; we’ve all experienced some serious hobbling by the end of the night when wearing high heels. Taping your middle toe with your second toe from the pinkie has been rumored to relieve some of the pressure on the ball of your foot, giving you another song or two on the dance floor.

4. Air it Out – Thanks to the Duchess Kate Middleton, it is now perfectly acceptable to wear the same outfit to more than one event. However, cigar and cigarette smoke can snuff that appeal. If you don’t have time for a dry cleaning in between, simply hang your garment in an area with a gentle