Top 5 Holiday Movie Fashion Moments

Heartwarming or hilarious, there is nothing like a great holiday classic. For two hours, families can put aside any stresses or squabbles and join together to laugh at the dysfunctions of other families or simply be reminded of the true spirit of the season. Of course, being in the clothing business, we can’t help but hone in on the fashion of our favorite characters. Here are some of the most memorable holiday looks beyond the ‘ol Santa suit.

A Christmas Story: Randy’s Winter Wear
Sudsies Synopsis: Nearly every childhood is subjected to aggravating wardrobe insistences from Mom. The matriarch of this tale tried to protect her youngest from midwest winters with a red snowsuit of duvet-like proportions that had Randy lamenting (more like muffling from his scarf mask), “I can’t put my arms down!” Well, at least he’s warm.

Accompanying Services: This little guy could probably benefit from a little tailoring. Our alterations department is precise, ensuring a good fit in both form and function, which would help Randy keep up with the boys on the playground.

Elf: Buddy’s North Pole Uniform
Sudsies Synopsis – Put a grown man of 6’ 3” stature in yellow tights and you’re bound to stop traffic (and supposedly Will Farrell did just that while filming on the New York streets). Buddy The Elf’s outfit was as festive as his personality, albeit more of a Green Bay Packer’s color scheme than holiday.

Accompanying Services: Sudsies spot experts are adept are removing all sorts of stains, including maple syrup. Hand cleaning is imperative for delicate items, such as those infamous tights, fur trimmings, and quirky pointed hat.

Scrooged: The Solid Gold Dancers
Sudsies Synopsis – Programming executive Frank Cross (Bill Murray) knew how to put the spectacle in a Christmas spectacular. Dancers cinched in black bustiers, barely-there briefs and oversized lace headpieces had the network censors sweating, but the controversial costuming stuck in both the show and in our minds. Fun fact: Scrooged marked the final appearance for dance troupe, as the Solid Gold television show was canceled by the time the movie reached theaters.

Accompanying Services: Sudsies is adept in cleaning costumes. In fact, we work with many performing arts groups and organizations to ensure garments are fresh and stage ready. We pick up and deliver directly from and to theaters and provide quick turnarounds. If the show must go on, it might as well look great too.

White Christmas: Finale gowns
Betty (Rosemary Clooney) wowed us with her pipes and Judy (Vera Ellen) stunned with limber dance moves throughout the film. Though, it was the final number that was truly magical, with an open set among snowflakes, tiny ballerinas, and crystal-coated Christmas trees. The sisters donned red velvet gowns that cinched at the waist before cascading to the floor. Simple jewel embellishments and fur trimmings reflected just how glamorous the “Golden Era” was.

Accompanying Services: Sudsies is lauded for its couture services, where designer garments and other high-end pieces are hand-treated. Velvet, silk, sequins, lamé, cashmere, fur…. there isn’t a luxe material we haven’t met and loved working with.

Bridget Jones’ Diary: Darcy’s Christmas Jumper
Sudsies Synopsis: When Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) first turns around at the New Year’s party, revealing a mock neck sweater imprinted with a giant Rudolph head, let’s just say it wasn’t love at first sight. But a few more awkwardly endearingly exchanges with Bridget, and he won us over too. Ugly Christmas sweaters or not, we like him very much. Just the way he is.

Accompanying Services:  After the holidays, be sure to bring in your seasonal wares for a good cleaning before putting them back in storage. Services include a proper folding to minimize crease marks. Then, all you have to do is remove the plastic wrapping and place in cool, dry place.