Honduran native Jackie Zeron came to Miami with an enthusiasm to learn and try anything. Her broad background and mindset that the key to everything ultimately lies within ourselves makes her a dynamic team member as Retail Manager of the Sudsies North Miami Boutique. Jackie makes such a great effort to know our customers, that this month, we thought we’d help you get to know her a little better too.

 As Retail Manager of the Sudsies North Miami Boutique, Jackie Zeron makes a great effort to know our customers. Now you get to know her a little better too


Whether she foresaw it or not, Jackie’s previous lines of work could easily relate to the dry cleaning industry. Her first job upon moving to the U.S. in 1996 was at a luxury fashion boutique. There she learned about high-end clothing and presentation. She would eventually run into Sudsies CEO Jason Loeb and COO Jorge Baboun. Struck by their energy, she decided to pursue an opportunity working in the Sudsies plant as a clothing bagger. Jackie eagerly took on varying tasks and quickly grew to deeply understand the operations of all processes from beginning to end.

An innate people person, Jackie craved more face-to-face interaction and was persistent with her manager, Luis Moreno, about an opportunity to work on the front lines. Luis listened and needed little convincing to try and place her in customer service.

The rest is history
Five years later, Jackie oversees a team of six customer service concierges in assuring that every client who enters the North Miami boutique leaves with the desire to come back. On a basic level, this entails having every order ready when promised, but that’s not all. Jackie doesn’t aim to merely reserve above-and-beyond service for special occasions, but provide it whenever possible. In fact, she and her team push to have orders ready early, so they can please clients by exceeding their expectations.

“I want them to leave happy,” says Jackie. “We are family here and our clients should feel like a part of that.”

Reflecting on her years with the company and her many roles, nothing is more personal to her than her current position.

“You care even more as a manager. The company is like your own,” she says. “Sudsies culture is my culture too. I don’t have to force it upon my team… it’s just who we all are.”

“I think I’ll be here for the rest of my life. I really enjoy working with everyone.” 

The feeling is mutual, Jackie.