Sudsies is the First 4 1/2 Leaf Dry Cleaner in Florida

First 4.5 Leaf Dry Cleaner in Florida!


July 12, 2016


Mr. Jason Loeb
12711 Biscayne Blvd
North Miami, FL 33181

Dear Jason,

Congratulations Sudsies is the FIRST 4 ½ leaf dry cleaner in the state of Florida.

The Green Cleaners Council preformed an in-depth analysis of your operating practices, from the front of the store to the back, including products, water use, electricity, energy conservation, hanger recycling to name just a few. The Green Cleaners Council’s set of defined environmental benchmarks verified the information which confirmed the environmental sustainability for your business.

Sudsies was rated on your total commitment to environmental sustainability programs, responsible solvent use, recycling efforts, smart energy and water conservation as is practiced throughout their entire operation. Your evaluation was based on ECO Points associated with each issue. Again, The Green Cleaner Council is proud to inform you that Sudsies has earned the highest point level for any dry cleaner in the state of Florida.

Sudsies is recognized by the Green Cleaners Council as being a very proactive and responsible cleaner that goes above and beyond for the environment.


Ann Hargrove
Green Cleaners Council

clean green
Copy of letter we’ve received: Sudsies Green Cleaners Council 2016



An Independent Analysis On Our Green Dry Cleaning

We're certifiably crazy... about the environment, that is. Sudsies is deemed a certified "Green Cleaner"!


274 NW Toscane Trail, Port St. Lucie, Fl. 34986

Tel: 772-340-0909 Cell: 772-579-5044

Web site:


Sudsies Dry Cleaners

12711 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida 33181

Tel: 305-864-3279

Subject: Green Dry Cleaner

Definition: A green dry cleaner is a dry cleaner that uses environmentally safe dry cleaning, finishing and wet cleaning additives.


Dear Jason Loeb,

I am writing my analysis of your premises after doing an on site inspection on May 12, 2016. I find that you are using environmentally safe dry cleaning solvents as classified by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Your cleaning agents are properly labeled and do not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons which are deemed to be hazardous chemicals listed by EPA. The technicians at Sudsies, using the chemicals are well trained and efficient in their application. The wet cleaning additives used are biodegradable and do NOT contain solvents or harsh chemicals.

Based on the above inspection I would classify Sudsies Drycleaners as a certified “Green Cleaner.”

Dan Eisen’s Credentials for evaluating dry cleaning and chemical safety:

  • New York State Teachers License for teaching dry cleaning and wet cleaning.
  • Completed all EPA courses to operate dry cleaning machines and using chemicals.
  • Approved by EPA for teaching environmental courses to dry cleaners.
  • Professional garment analyst and consultant.

Meet Jackie Zeron… Oh wait, you’ve probably met her already!

Honduran native Jackie Zeron came to Miami with an enthusiasm to learn and try anything. Her broad background and mindset that the key to everything ultimately lies within ourselves makes her a dynamic team member as Retail Manager of the Sudsies North Miami Boutique. Jackie makes such a great effort to know our customers, that this month, we thought we’d help you get to know her a little better too.

 As Retail Manager of the Sudsies North Miami Boutique, Jackie Zeron makes a great effort to know our customers. Now you get to know her a little better too


Whether she foresaw it or not, Jackie’s previous lines of work could easily relate to the dry cleaning industry. Her first job upon moving to the U.S. in 1996 was at a luxury fashion boutique. There she learned about high-end clothing and presentation. She would eventually run into Sudsies CEO Jason Loeb and COO Jorge Baboun. Struck by their energy, she decided to pursue an opportunity working in the Sudsies plant as a clothing bagger. Jackie eagerly took on varying tasks and quickly grew to deeply understand the operations of all processes from beginning to end.

An innate people person, Jackie craved more face-to-face interaction and was persistent with her manager, Luis Moreno, about an opportunity to work on the front lines. Luis listened and needed little convincing to try and place her in customer service.

The rest is history
Five years later, Jackie oversees a team of six customer service concierges in assuring that every client who enters the North Miami boutique leaves with the desire to come back. On a basic level, this entails having every order ready when promised, but that’s not all. Jackie doesn’t aim to merely reserve above-and-beyond service for special occasions, but provide it whenever possible. In fact, she and her team push to have orders ready early, so they can please clients by exceeding their expectations.

“I want them to leave happy,” says Jackie. “We are family here and our clients should feel like a part of that.”

Reflecting on her years with the company and her many roles, nothing is more personal to her than her current position.

“You care even more as a manager. The company is like your own,” she says. “Sudsies culture is my culture too. I don’t have to force it upon my team… it’s just who we all are.”

“I think I’ll be here for the rest of my life. I really enjoy working with everyone.” 

The feeling is mutual, Jackie. 

The Great Jean Debate

3 care strategies for your premium denim.

In a society increasingly concerned about cleanliness (anti-bacterial wipes, anyone), Levi Stauss & Co. CEO Chip Bergh has most of us saying “whaaa???” when he suggested at the May 2014 Fortune Brainstorm Green conference to stop washing our jeans… for good.

The reason was two-fold:  to preserve water and to prevent premature wear and fade. While these are certainly valid motivators, the idea of less than fresh jeans didn’t sit well with us. Apparently though, there are plenty of cleaning alternatives beyond a spin in the washing machine. We looked at some of the unconventional picks:


What to do:  Move over ice cream! True “denim heads” claim that freezing your jeans kills bacteria and restores a fresh, albeit chilly, scent. Simply place pants in a zip lock bag and store in the ice box for at least five to six hours. Interesting enough; however, in an analysis by Business Insider, scientists say that freezing doesn’t in fact kill most bacteria, but merely puts them in a dormant state, only to awaken once thawed out. Furthermore, the type of bacteria jeans acquire is in question. Unless one if working in extremely dirty or hazardous conditions, jeans mainly harbor skin microorganisms from our own bodies, which are generally not harmful.

Harmful or not, the idea of something other than us living in our jeans and odors isn’t exactly appealing. Scientists suggest that airing these garments outside in sunlight is a more effective cleaning/deodorizing approach.


What to do:  Some denim aficionados avoid cleaning their jeans for up to 12 months in effort to preserve the softness, color, and fit accumulated over time. When they are finally ready for a refresher, many resort to good old hand washing. Men style site recommends the following:

  • Fill a bathtub with 3-4 inches of cool to lukewarm water.
  • Add a small amount, about 1/2 of the manufacturer’s recommended dosage, of gentle, non-bleach, dark-color-saving laundry detergent (such as Woolite Extra Dark Care) to water.
  • Turn the jeans inside out and lay them flat in the tub. Use something weighted to keep them submersed.
  • Let them soak for 45 minutes.
  • Empty the soapy water and rinse the jeans in cool water to remove the detergent.
  • Remove the jeans and hang upside down to dry.

Screw It!

What to do:  For those of you who do not mind a little fade or re-breaking in now and then in favor of feeling fresh, there are a couple of options that still address the water waste issue. Sudsies offers dry cleaning and laundering services, both of which incorporate low-energy, low-water usage machinery and environmentally-friendly cleaning solvents. Sudsies also provides hand-cleaning techniques, which can help preserve the original state of the denim. Added bonus: now you can restock your freezer with those favorite Haagen-Dazs flavors.

For more information about Sudsies cleaning habits, please visit us



Finding, loving, and keeping that special one… your wedding gown safe.

Is the big day over and the honeymoon just a memory?  Then it might be time to think about what to do with that once-in-a-lifetime dress. Consider your options for cleaning, storage, donation or even display.

Sudsies has compiled a checklist to help you prepare for your ultimate fashion moment… your wedding day: Read the rest of this entry »

The Power of a Smile

The Power of a Smile

We’d like to think that we are a unique dry cleaner. We try to do more than simply make you look good.  We want you to feel good too.  So, here at Sudsies, we emphasize smiles… and not just theoretically. Turns out, there is real science behind the positive effects of this simple gesture.

Smiling Causes Happiness
Can a mere facial expression snap you out of a mood? A 1998 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates yes. Students were asked to view images of people with positive or negative expressions, with some asked to mimic the expressions they were viewing. Those who simply viewed the images found no change in their mood; however, those who smiled or frowned back found a positive or negative change in their mood, respectively. Furthermore, participants who viewed themselves in the mirror while smiling found even greater changes, indicating that the visual feedback creates self-awareness of the mood-related expressions. So, even if you can’t find someone to smile with you, a glimpse of your happy face can do the trick!

… Even When Forced
Turns out your smile doesn’t even have to be sincere to reap the positive effects. A study last year in the Journal of Physiological Science used chopsticks to put smiles in place on its subjects. Those with the broadest smiles (the kind that involves eye crinkling) recovered from varying stressful situations far quicker than those with smaller smiles and those with neutral expressions. So even if you don’t feel like it, grin and bear it… you might just feel better.

Smiling Makes You More Attractive
Smile,s in of in themselves, are beautiful, but they can actually make you appear more beautiful too. Research in 2003’s Neuropsychologia found that viewing attractive faces activated the brain region responsible for processing sensory rewards. Activity in this region sparked for all “pretty” faces, but was even stronger when the attractive faces were smiling. Another study by Orbit Complete discovered that 69% of people find women more attractive when they smile over than when they wear makeup. Why spend all that money on skincare and beauty products when a smile is free?!

Smiling is Good for Your Health
They say laughter is the best medicine. The book Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion states that smiling activates the release of stress-fighting neuropeptides, specifically the feel-good ones– dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, which all act to lower your heart rates and blood pressure. Furthermore, endorphins are known to act as a natural pain reliever. We’re not saying a smile is going to cure a major migraine, but if accumulated over time, you might find yourself both more happy and healthy.

And the most important thing to know about smiles… They are contagious
Research from the University of North Dakota reports that 50% of people reciprocate a smile. Ok, so half might not seem that overwhelming, but then compare it to the nearly 0% of people who reciprocated a frown. Now, we’re impressed. Regardless, passing on a smile can’t hurt – a Scandinavian Journal of Psychology study found that it takes conscious effort to actually frown when witnessing a smile.

So, today, try to give a smile to at least five people… you never know what positive effects may result.
In addition to handing out free smiles with clean clothes, here are some other ways Sudsies adds that extra pep to our customers’ day.

  • Complimentary pickup & delivery to whatever location you prefer (home, office, boat, park, car… you name it)
  • For those that do visit our facilities, it’s our pleasure to carry your freshly pressed items to the car for you
  • Special efforts for special requests
  • Recognizing important milestones for our clients: birthdays, anniversaries, etc. (If we don’t have it, please share with us so that we may offer a celebratory token on your special day.)
  • Environmentally-friendly practices incorporating EPA-approved processes.


Now, smile . . . and make it a great day!



Behind the Suds with Jason Cespedes

Do the right thing...even the little things, because if you start by doing those right, then the big things are going to come. –Jason Cespedes reveals the secret to Sudsies’ success.In continuation of our series highlighting the people of Sudsies, we turn our attention to Jason Cespedes. Jason has grown with the company, performing a number of different responsibilities before he took the position of Sales Manager. However, Jason said that he wasn’t happy with the title Sales Manger; he felt it didn’t fit his true role in the company. Thus, we’ve re-dubbed him Jason Cespedes, Sudsies Relationship Manager.

As Relationship Manager, Jason leads business development, earning the trust of property managers, concierges, clothing boutiques, and other fashionable influencers who help spread the word about Sudsies’ services. Despite his tenure with the company, Jason’s background isn’t in dry cleaning or even fashion, but in hospitality.  Hospitality was his college major, and after school, he went on to manage a restaurant.

“Sudsies isn’t in the dry cleaning business… it’s in the people business,” he explains. “We have a lot of tremendous services, but it’s our hospitality-focused mindset that makes our company so successful.”

While finishing up school, Jason would visit his childhood friend Luis Moreno, now Sudsies General Manager, at the facility. “I loved the high energy,” he recalls. Owner Jason Loeb picked up on his enthusiasm and asked him to join the family. Eight years later, the company has grown significantly in employees, customers, and clothing volume.

Jason’s success in reaching and maintaining a strong clientele base lies in his tenacity. His ringer is never off and it’s not uncommon to find him doing off-hour pickups or meetings. “When you are in the service business, you’ve committed to making the customer happy. Therefore, you do whatever it takes to get the job done,” says Jason. That means going wherever the customers are. Sudsies pick-up and delivery services include not only private homes and residential buildings, but office buildings, schools, boats… any location convenient for the customer.

Despite his hard work and sometimes long hours, Jason is consistently energetic. Coming from a humble family, he focuses on never losing appreciation for the good things in life. “I’m naturally a positive person and Miami is such a fun city. Put those two together and it’s a win-win. I can’t think of a better place nor better people with whom to work with.”

Sure, Jason is nice and has a killer smile, but what’s the real secret to his business success? “Do the right thing…even the little things, because if you start by doing those right, then the big things are going to come.”

Don’t know about you, but we’re sold.

“A Clean Story” Poem

Apparently, August 18th is “National Bad Poetry Day.” Never one to pass up a celebration, we had a little literary fun…

Never one to pass up a celebration, we had a little literary fun in honor of #BadPoetryDay

A Clean Story

Once upon a time
There lived a man
Who believed in clean clothes
And the power of a van

Thus, began Sudsies
South Florida’s now renowned dry cleaning and laundry
With free pick-up and drop-off
Without ever a quandary

They’ll press your suits
They’ll hang your dresses
They’ll fold your shirts
Removing all stains and messes

Their alterations department
Is brilliant with a needle and thread
While their preservations team
Can immortalize everything vintage and gowns of wed

Say designer labels
Are your guilty lure
Well splurge away
Because Sudsies specializes in couture

If your time is tight
Let us do the laundry by the pound
Sudsies has your back even when you travel
Via an Express service that mails all around

As you can imagine
Sudsies has captured a loyal clientele
From professionals to fashionistas
Who want to look and feel swell

Even Mother Earth loves Sudsies
For our continuous support
Of environmental-friendly cleaning processes
And community rapport

Oh, but that’s not all
Here’s the best part
Sudsies’ quality service is delivered with a smile
Straight from the heart

What is Green Dry Cleaning Anyway?

Green Dry Cleaning by Sudsies.comToday, many dry cleaners, ourselves included, claim to be green. But like those exasperating vague Facebook posts you sometimes come across, this doesn’t really tell you a whole lot. Hence, we at Sudsies, have decided to lay out exactly what our environmentally-friendly processes are.

Before we get into it, we wanted to note that our efforts have granted us a four-leaf membership level by the Green Cleaners Council, the prestigious panel in partnership with the National Cleaners Association that reviews and ranks dry cleaning companies’ eco-efforts on a strict scale of tight criteria. Here’s how and why:


The Rundown: Sanctioned by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment partnership as an environmental technology that also effectively cleans garments, “Wet Cleaning” uses computer-controlled washers and dryers with biodegradable detergents that are more sophisticated, yet milder than home versions. These specialty technologies contain various settings, (mechanical action, water and drying temperatures, moisture levels, water and detergent volume, etc.) enabling the technician to tailor the process best for a specific garment.

What this means for the environment: No hazardous chemicals are used via this process, resulting in no hazardous waste. This method also means no air pollution and reduced potential for water and soil contamination.

What this means for your clothes: No hazardous solvents mean no chemical smell left on clothes. Wet Cleaning also results in whiter whites and greater ease in removing water stains. Because of the almost infinite number of computer controlled programs available from this specialty equipment, even the most delicate garments receive care specifically tailored to their needs. This technology is great for a variety of fabrics and styles including cotton, silk, leather, suede, polyester, some wools, wedding gowns, and other garments with elaborate beading and/or sequins.

What this means for your other garments:  Despite wet cleaning’s many benefits, there is still no single cleaning process that is perfect for all types of clothing. Specifically, wet cleaning is not recommended for acetate linings, antique satin, gabardine (as found with some suits, trenches, trousers, etc.), and structured garments, like coats, suit jackets, blazers, etc. To ensure that Sudsies is able to superbly process all types of clothing brought into its facility, we sometimes use the Hydrocarbon cleaning process, a perc-free, non-hazardous air solution recommended by the Toxic Use Reduction Institute, as an alternative.

Wait!… There’s More: Green doesn’t just end with fashion around here… Here are other eco-friendly initiatives that Sudsies has incorporated into its facilities and processes:

*     Pick Up & Delivery – saving overall time and consumption of fuel

*     Use of only biodegradable detergents and conditioners

*     Low water usage equipment – as little as one ounce of cleaning fluid per 15 garments and one gallon of water per 2,000 garments.

*     Recyclable hangers

*     Biodegradable plastic clothing covers

*     Energy Star-rated and mercury free equipment

*     Motion detectors that turn off lights when room is not in use

*      Recycled paper, glass and metal general office materials

If you would like more information about our green services, please call us anytime at 305.728.8940.



Six Things to Look For When Selecting a Dry Cleaner

For some reason, people treat professional garment care like dating. They try a few, break up from a few, and move on before finding “the one.” Instead of going through the frustration, emotional loss of damaged or irreparable garments, or uncertainty starting anew, try “dating” smartly and create a list of non-negotiable characteristics you seek in a cleaner.

To get you going, we at Sudsies have created a starter list for you:

6 Signs of a Good Dry Cleaner

1. Convenience
– Lifestyles are becoming increasingly busier and we’re expected to juggle it all. When you do have a free moment, the last thing you want to do is schlep around running errands. Look for a cleaner that offers pick-up and delivery… better yet FREE pick-up and delivery.

Sudsies Delivery Service

Sudsies offers this complimentary service with all orders (no minimum necessary), picking up and dropping off clothing at residences, offices, even boats. Requests can be made via our website after creating an account. Our fleet of vans covers all of Miami and neighboring cities, Fort Lauderdale, and even Weston, throughout the day to ensure we’re in line with your schedule. Hectic day? No problem, leave outside your door and we’ll quietly scoop up your items.

2. Quality
– Nice-looking clothing these days isn’t inexpensive. High-end pieces are an investment… just like your money, you want to associate with a firm that will protect your “assets.”

Couture Dry Cleaning Service

Our state-of-the-art facilities contain top-notch equipment. Before even handling a garment, all our employees are required to undergo two weeks of extensive training, covering product and customer service. Our cleaners are flown to New York to undergo technical training at the top industry organization, The National Dry Cleaners Association. Back at our facility, we provide continued education with specialized training on all the latest processes, procedures, equipment, and textiles. For designer clothing, our Couture Services undergoes everything by hand to preserve the luxe look and feel of these speciality garments.

3. Service
– A good dry cleaner should love your clothes, but love you, the customer, even more. You shouldn’t be held hostage by cleaner turn-around restrictions, or indifferent approaches towards you or your treasured garments.

What if we told you we give you the Ritz-Carlton experience of dry cleaners? No really, we’ve been inspired by their service have instilled many of their best practices into our company. As a result, we’ve created a culture of employees that have a passion for performing a job well done, and doing it with pleasure (and a smile!). This includes problem resolution. We invite you to share your feedback, so we can further improve your experience with us.

Good service also means being accommodating. We always try and work with you on special requests, including tight turn-arounds if needed. These offerings don’t end outside South Florida. We recently launched Sudsies Express for our part-time residents and frequent travelers. Customers simply enclose a special care form, found on our website, with their garments and mail them to the North Miami facility address, where we’ll care for the items and ship them back them freshly pressed in a garment box.

4. Trust
– We’ve heard cringe-worthy stories of dry cleaners acting less than professional… and ethical. Like any industry, you should have peace of mind when placing your items in a cleaners’ care.

Secure and Trustworthy Dry Cleaning

Accidentally dropped off more than your clothing? No problem, all jewelry, money, licenses and other stow-aways are placed under the Sudsies Safe & Secure program. Specialty bags containing these valuables are then returned with your freshly cleaned order.

5. Results
– The purpose of a dry cleaner is to, well, get your clothes clean. Seems simple enough, yet customers continuously leave the cleaners frustrated with pieces still stained… or worse with new and irreparable damage. Thus, find a cleaner that has a track record of success in repairing damage the first time.

Clothing Restoration

With combined expertise and ongoing training, our technicians are adept at identifying the proper technique and formulations dependent on the stain and fabric. For more extreme cases, we offer full restoration services that have been successful in removing aged stains, paint removal, and damaging effects from mold, moths and even smoke.

6. Responsibility
– A good dry cleaner feels a responsibility not only to care for your garments, but also the community it functions within.

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaner

Our processes incorporate eco-friendly processes from beginning to end, from water-preserving machines, green solvents, and hangers and bags made from recyclable materials. Socially, we aspire to better our fellow neighbors. Our program with Camillus House allows clients to easily pass along to Sudsies their gently-used clothing, which we then deliver to the organization housing families in need. Involvement with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and Mount Sinai Medical Center is part of our mission to enhance the business, services, and continued growth of our community.

Have others? We’d love to hear! Send in the comments section below or via our Facebook page..