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On A Happy Note…The Insider Scoop Behind Sudsies’ Bubbly Team

Sudsies loves highlighting special people and organizations in our backyard. But this time, we decided to look right inside our home to recognize inspirational work and attitude. So, we’d like to introduce you to Luis Moreno, general manager of Sudsies. Overseeing the operations, customer service, staffing & training, and finances, Luis’ work in realizing the Sudsies vision is as instrumental as the LBD was to Coco Chanel, the red sole to a Louboutin, the Daytona to Rolex…. you get the point. 

Luis’ philosophy is straightforward: Work smart, love what you do, be positive, embrace the company culture, and everything else will come together.

His career is a classic example of how to rise in ranks through a company. At 17, Luis was looking for a summer job and was introduced to Sudsies Founder, Jason Loeb, by his cousin who worked for the dry cleaner at the time. Luis’ first position was to hand out flyers promoting the business during the summer. His spirit was enough to impress, and when he graduated from high school, he started full-time pressing garments in the plant. Soon after learning all the cleaning processes on the back-end, Luis moved into customer service.

“That’s when I really started to love this business,” reflects Luis. “I got to witness first-hand our customers enjoying the quality of work we put into their clothing.”

Sudsies’ internal mantra of “we’re not in the laundry business…we’re in the people business” captured loyalty both externally and internally. The company’s team has swelled from 12 to 105 employees since Luis first joined in 1997. Sudsies now serves Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties with pick-up and delivery, and the entire nation with Sudsies Express service. As Sudsies has grown, so have Luis’ roles and responsibilities.

Among the many general manager duties, Luis maintains that his foremost job is to train, coach and motivate in a way that brings out the best in each team member. It is also to ensure that his managers are leading with high ethical standards. And Luis isn’t just a happy face – he knows his stuff. Sudsies regularly sends him to the industry’s top seminars to learn more about the latest dry cleaning and eco-friendly technology and products, speciality techniques for more delicate fabrics, designer wear and care, and other trends. Luis says this specialized professional development helps him educate the clients. Additionally, this education allows him to relate, understand, and implement improvements on behalf of his fellow employees.

“It inspires me when I see their growth,” says Luis about his team. “To see that my own knowledge or guidance has helped them to emerge as better professionals only makes me want to teach more.”

When asked how he maintains that smile every day, now after more than 17 years with Sudsies, Luis provides the perfect response, “Funny, I’m actually smiling now that you just said that. Simply, we have great support: our ownership, our management, our staff. We have a culture that recognizes the incredibly large and important role everyone plays in running our business smoothly. Smiling is easy when you know you’re part of a great team striving for the same thing.”

Sudsies Uncovers Gem Designer Picks… Right In Our Backyard

Designers in South Florida

As South Florida’s top luxury dry cleaner, we at Sudsies appreciate great fashion talent. We also love our community and the people that make Miami the “Magic City.” So, we thought we’d combine two of our favorite things and highlight some local designers who are, or who we predict will soon be, turning heads across the globe.

Contemporary I

Transparency is always a good thing, especially when it comes to fashion. And Viviana Gabieras (Vivian G) is superior when it comes to luxury knits and stretch fabrics. Her line, Petiti Pois, fuses everything Miami – wild prints, vibrant colors, spicy silhouettes – with a mastery that captures attention without overwhelming. In fact, we could say her work captures the best of best worlds in a lot of aspects. Her pieces make for statement staples on their own or can be combined for a powerful look and effortlessly transfer from day to night… All are proudly made in the USA via her manufacturing company in Miami, FL.

Through her work in design, humanitarianism and mentorship, Vivian G has a loyal following not only among Miamians. Television personalities, supermodels, actresses have all sizzled in her design; among them Shakira. Need we say more?


Contemporary II

With his clothes in more than 500 boutiques, Julian Chang has grown his brand worldwide, but he’s still Miami’s darling designer. His designs send strong statements with taste. Landscape prints, graphic patterns, and vibrant colors cascaded down the body with ease. Even Chang’s simpler separates make for great basic pieces, but with a fashionable edge.

Chang also specializes in evening wear, as well as custom creations for his celebrity clientele, including Brittany Spears and Gloria Estefan. He claims that his garments merely outline the style within each its wearers. This may be the case, but then it should be noted that his works always seem to bring out their confident side.


Red Carpet/Black Tie

Miami is filled with highly-talked about affairs – social extravaganzas, that is – and Nicolas Felizola is the designer to covet. Described as a modern Renaissance Man, Felizola draws from a range of intellectual and art forms, adding photographer and attorney-at-law among his list of practices. As a fashion designer, he’s known among the “Best Designer[s] of Miami Week”, “Universal Excellence Award” winner, and Forbes’ listee of ten influential Hispanic designers in the US.

His designs are clean, yet architecturally interesting with origami-like silhouettes or unique patterns created within his selection of lux fabrics. Collections include red carpet-worthy dresses, bridal gowns, and a men’s line of sleek suits that any woman wouldn’t mind placing their arm upon.

Designer Natalya Eberjey


When you live in Miami, swimwear quickly becomes a wardrobe staple too. Russian-native, Canadian-raised Natalie Toporova quickly embraced beachside fashion, launching and running with her namesake collection based out of Miami. Bold lines and unexampled cutouts challenge the traditional bikini, fusing fashion with athleticism, and a touch of Bond-girl appeal. Custom suit creations are also available to best highlight favorite features… and creatively flatter those that are not.



Fashion versus function is perhaps never more apparent when if comes to intimate apparel. No matter how much accumulated, stylized lace and satins remain dormant in drawers in lieu of the go-to comfy, albeit dowdy, favorites. Co-designers Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito set out to create a line that would flatter women’s bodies, yet feel good against their skin too. Since 1996, their brand Eberjey has been doing just that. Starting with the Boy Short, Eberjey has conquered one part of the body at a time with thongs, bralets, camis, pajamas, and loungewear that defined girly-sexy-comfy style. Lush fabrics delicately cling to the skin, while touches of perfectly-laid lace seamlessly contour the body’s curves.

Eberjey has since expanded its soft, feminine style with a swimwear line, but even more enticing is its darling Girls Mini swim line of suits trimmed in delicate ruffles.


Rugsies’ Bonus Picks: Furniture Design


B. Pila Design

As an interior designer, Bea Pila uses space as her model to convey her clients’ personal style. The hallmark of her work is custom-like pieces and other one-of-a-kind finds that are not only beautiful, but inspire use and enjoyment. But uncovering these unique pieces wasn’t always easy. In fact, it was sometimes impossible.  This prompted her to expand into furniture design to fill in these missing gaps.

Thus began her game of Hide & Seek, a furnishing and accessory collection highlighting vintage acrylic in unexpected ways. Organic-meets-glamour with cushions of hair-on-hides combined with the sleek lines of acrylic and chrome, while heavy woods and mirrored tabletops seemingly float from their translucent bases. What we really love about this line is the high fashion-inspired details, as seen in the leather straps with stitching and metal accents via buckles and end caps. The results are striking statement pieces for the home that somehow fit in with any design environment.


Michael Wolk Design Associates

Michael Wolk sees no differentiation between art and furniture design. With a formal education in painting and sculpture before focusing on industrial design, he claims to use the exact same processes across all three mediums in bringing a vision to life. Furniture just happens to have the functionality. As with any artist, Wolk finds inspiration all around when creating his pieces – noting that a simple landscape hedge was the impetus for his signature Miami Chair. With vast experience, technology, and drive, Wolk’s team has evolved into master technicians in supporting an idea with the highest quality materials, processes, and form. The result is a portfolio of pieces that are clean, yet stylized…. we’d call them utilitarian sculptures.


As you seek out these local gems, remember that Sudsies specializes in the cleaning and care of all types of clothing, including couture & designer labels, bridal, hand-sewn pieces and other delicate items. Our sister company, Rugsies, cares for the “garments of your home” with upholstery, drapery and rug cleaning, including stain removal services.

Letter from Jason Loeb: Sudsies’ Community Commitment

Community CommittedRaised in Miami Beach, I have great affection for this city. It is here where I have my childhood memories, where I met my wife, where our family expanded, and where we are now creating new memories for our own children. This city is also where I decided to plant my professional roots.

What always struck a chord with me in the business world was how a corporation is recognized as a “person.” This definition was founded for a range of legal purposes, but why not expand upon this notion to perform other acts of citizenship? Whether a corporation, S-corp, partnership, etc., all types of companies should consider themselves “people” when considering their contribution to their communities.

It begins with providing the community with what it needs. For it to be independent and flourish, every role needs to be fulfilled. Naturally this demand translates into better business, but continually think of new ways to better and even expand your business. The easiest way to do this?… Talk to your customers. Initiate conversations during the transaction process, provide feedback channels, and develop a relationship where you can understand their point of view. What started as a coin-laundry mat for me nearly three decades ago has evolved into a full-service dry cleaning and laundry operation with an array of specialty services (couture cleaning, restoration, bridal gown preservation, vintage garments to name a few… and I’m seeking to add more). Sudsies most recently appealed to its snow bird clients with cleaning via express mail across the country, so they never had to be without our services.

Beyond providing clients with what they need, focus on doing it well. I want my customers to feel good about their experiences, not only personally, but also business-wise in feeling that the transaction was well-worth their own hard-earned dollars. Smiles are contagious…. quality products and service equates to happy customers – and happy customers equate to a happy community.

Social responsibility is now viewed as standard in defining good companies, so consider expanding your reach beyond your direct clientele. Tying your business capabilities to a cause is an organic way to make a positive impact for those in need. For example, Sudsies accepts clothing donations as part of its pick-up and delivery service, giving the items to the Camillus House for distribution among its families.

As with any family, involvement is crucial. This means putting in the time to learn about the members’ needs, interests, and visions and providing the support to make that happen. I view Miami Beach as my extended family and my experience with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce perhaps taught me the most about the importance of community focus. As businesses, we joined forces and used our individual talents and connections to make things happen for one another, as well as execute massive improvement projects within the city.

My passion for philanthropy and being involved most recently lead to my pursuit and appointment as President of the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation. For me, there is no better way to put my business/leadership skills learned over the years to help make a positive impact for others. It’s an honor to help realize state-of-the-art initiatives aimed at caring, healing, and ultimately curing our fellow Miamians.  I urge you to join groups like these that make up the members of the community and use your company platform to make a difference.

With all the qualities above, I’m starting to think a corporation could be a really swell person. Today, we emphasize thinking global when it comes to our companies, as we should, especially if we hope to expand. However, don’t forget the specialness of your own backyard either, for it is these roots that if well maintained will really help you thrive.

Suit Up: In Couture Swimwear, That Is…

New York, Milan, and Paris may be the reigning capitals of the runaway, but Miami certainly knows how to mix fun with fashion.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, honoring top swimwear brands from around the world. But it wasn’t all lycra and triangle tops – the designers presented some pretty creative interpretations of what high-fashion would be on the boardwalk.

Here are some of our favorite looks. Whether they’re functional is debatable… but we at Sudsies are adept in cleaning couture garments… even the itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie ones.

Mirror, Mirror – Sauvage’s muse model glinted with a pieced-together top of shiny metal. Talk about blindingly beautiful in the sunlight.

Sauvage Miami Swim Week

Video Credit: WUSA99


Beachy Bouquet – Wildfox presented a two piece of pastel flower appliques for a fresh bohemian take.

Wildfox Courture Swimswear

Photo Credit:


Stage Presence – Over-the-top pieces from Beach Bunny Featuring The Blonds channeled pop star divas like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Katie Perry with burlesque-like beading, intricate hardware, and hologram materials.

MIAMI FASHION WEEK: Beach Bunny 2015 Featuring The Blonds

Photo credit:


Boat Couture – Jankele suits were more like art pieces with intricate hand beading combined with architecturally interesting silhouettes.

NETworth – Perhaps most representative of Miami flair was the Luli Fama collection. She made crochet vibrantly chic with fun colors, tassels, and fringe that made us want to shimmy.

Luli Fama - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014 - Runway

Photo Credit:


Remember Sudsies also offers complimentary pick-up and delivery, freeing up more time for you to bask in the sun. Scheduling is easy as calling 1.888.898.SUDS (7837) or visiting Now, go enjoy the rest of your summer..

What is Green Dry Cleaning Anyway?

Green Dry Cleaning by Sudsies.comToday, many dry cleaners, ourselves included, claim to be green. But like those exasperating vague Facebook posts you sometimes come across, this doesn’t really tell you a whole lot. Hence, we at Sudsies, have decided to lay out exactly what our environmentally-friendly processes are.

Before we get into it, we wanted to note that our efforts have granted us a four-leaf membership level by the Green Cleaners Council, the prestigious panel in partnership with the National Cleaners Association that reviews and ranks dry cleaning companies’ eco-efforts on a strict scale of tight criteria. Here’s how and why:


The Rundown: Sanctioned by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment partnership as an environmental technology that also effectively cleans garments, “Wet Cleaning” uses computer-controlled washers and dryers with biodegradable detergents that are more sophisticated, yet milder than home versions. These specialty technologies contain various settings, (mechanical action, water and drying temperatures, moisture levels, water and detergent volume, etc.) enabling the technician to tailor the process best for a specific garment.

What this means for the environment: No hazardous chemicals are used via this process, resulting in no hazardous waste. This method also means no air pollution and reduced potential for water and soil contamination.

What this means for your clothes: No hazardous solvents mean no chemical smell left on clothes. Wet Cleaning also results in whiter whites and greater ease in removing water stains. Because of the almost infinite number of computer controlled programs available from this specialty equipment, even the most delicate garments receive care specifically tailored to their needs. This technology is great for a variety of fabrics and styles including cotton, silk, leather, suede, polyester, some wools, wedding gowns, and other garments with elaborate beading and/or sequins.

What this means for your other garments:  Despite wet cleaning’s many benefits, there is still no single cleaning process that is perfect for all types of clothing. Specifically, wet cleaning is not recommended for acetate linings, antique satin, gabardine (as found with some suits, trenches, trousers, etc.), and structured garments, like coats, suit jackets, blazers, etc. To ensure that Sudsies is able to superbly process all types of clothing brought into its facility, we sometimes use the Hydrocarbon cleaning process, a perc-free, non-hazardous air solution recommended by the Toxic Use Reduction Institute, as an alternative.

Wait!… There’s More: Green doesn’t just end with fashion around here… Here are other eco-friendly initiatives that Sudsies has incorporated into its facilities and processes:

*     Pick Up & Delivery – saving overall time and consumption of fuel

*     Use of only biodegradable detergents and conditioners

*     Low water usage equipment – as little as one ounce of cleaning fluid per 15 garments and one gallon of water per 2,000 garments.

*     Recyclable hangers

*     Biodegradable plastic clothing covers

*     Energy Star-rated and mercury free equipment

*     Motion detectors that turn off lights when room is not in use

*      Recycled paper, glass and metal general office materials

If you would like more information about our green services, please call us anytime at 305.728.8940.



Six Things to Look For When Selecting a Dry Cleaner

For some reason, people treat professional garment care like dating. They try a few, break up from a few, and move on before finding “the one.” Instead of going through the frustration, emotional loss of damaged or irreparable garments, or uncertainty starting anew, try “dating” smartly and create a list of non-negotiable characteristics you seek in a cleaner.

To get you going, we at Sudsies have created a starter list for you:

6 Signs of a Good Dry Cleaner

1. Convenience
– Lifestyles are becoming increasingly busier and we’re expected to juggle it all. When you do have a free moment, the last thing you want to do is schlep around running errands. Look for a cleaner that offers pick-up and delivery… better yet FREE pick-up and delivery.

Sudsies Delivery Service

Sudsies offers this complimentary service with all orders (no minimum necessary), picking up and dropping off clothing at residences, offices, even boats. Requests can be made via our website after creating an account. Our fleet of vans covers all of Miami and neighboring cities, Fort Lauderdale, and even Weston, throughout the day to ensure we’re in line with your schedule. Hectic day? No problem, leave outside your door and we’ll quietly scoop up your items.

2. Quality
– Nice-looking clothing these days isn’t inexpensive. High-end pieces are an investment… just like your money, you want to associate with a firm that will protect your “assets.”

Couture Dry Cleaning Service

Our state-of-the-art facilities contain top-notch equipment. Before even handling a garment, all our employees are required to undergo two weeks of extensive training, covering product and customer service. Our cleaners are flown to New York to undergo technical training at the top industry organization, The National Dry Cleaners Association. Back at our facility, we provide continued education with specialized training on all the latest processes, procedures, equipment, and textiles. For designer clothing, our Couture Services undergoes everything by hand to preserve the luxe look and feel of these speciality garments.

3. Service
– A good dry cleaner should love your clothes, but love you, the customer, even more. You shouldn’t be held hostage by cleaner turn-around restrictions, or indifferent approaches towards you or your treasured garments.

What if we told you we give you the Ritz-Carlton experience of dry cleaners? No really, we’ve been inspired by their service have instilled many of their best practices into our company. As a result, we’ve created a culture of employees that have a passion for performing a job well done, and doing it with pleasure (and a smile!). This includes problem resolution. We invite you to share your feedback, so we can further improve your experience with us.

Good service also means being accommodating. We always try and work with you on special requests, including tight turn-arounds if needed. These offerings don’t end outside South Florida. We recently launched Sudsies Express for our part-time residents and frequent travelers. Customers simply enclose a special care form, found on our website, with their garments and mail them to the North Miami facility address, where we’ll care for the items and ship them back them freshly pressed in a garment box.

4. Trust
– We’ve heard cringe-worthy stories of dry cleaners acting less than professional… and ethical. Like any industry, you should have peace of mind when placing your items in a cleaners’ care.

Secure and Trustworthy Dry Cleaning

Accidentally dropped off more than your clothing? No problem, all jewelry, money, licenses and other stow-aways are placed under the Sudsies Safe & Secure program. Specialty bags containing these valuables are then returned with your freshly cleaned order.

5. Results
– The purpose of a dry cleaner is to, well, get your clothes clean. Seems simple enough, yet customers continuously leave the cleaners frustrated with pieces still stained… or worse with new and irreparable damage. Thus, find a cleaner that has a track record of success in repairing damage the first time.

Clothing Restoration

With combined expertise and ongoing training, our technicians are adept at identifying the proper technique and formulations dependent on the stain and fabric. For more extreme cases, we offer full restoration services that have been successful in removing aged stains, paint removal, and damaging effects from mold, moths and even smoke.

6. Responsibility
– A good dry cleaner feels a responsibility not only to care for your garments, but also the community it functions within.

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaner

Our processes incorporate eco-friendly processes from beginning to end, from water-preserving machines, green solvents, and hangers and bags made from recyclable materials. Socially, we aspire to better our fellow neighbors. Our program with Camillus House allows clients to easily pass along to Sudsies their gently-used clothing, which we then deliver to the organization housing families in need. Involvement with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and Mount Sinai Medical Center is part of our mission to enhance the business, services, and continued growth of our community.

Have others? We’d love to hear! Send in the comments section below or via our Facebook page..

Material World: Sudsies Lays Out The Fabrics of the Future, Part IV

Reinvention Sometimes the greatest things are right under our noses… or in our case, hidden in the back of our closets. As the final part of our “Material World” series, we get a little nostalgic by highlighting materials of our past reinvented in new ways.

The most surprising comeback is neoprene, otherwise known as latex. Once reserved for Catwoman (or the S&M costume), latex has made a comeback in a chic way. Maison Martin Margiela gave the material an ease factor with latex jeans and slouchy t-shirts and fashion darlings Proenza Schouler sent latex bow ankle-strapped heels down the runway. Just last month, Calvin Klein released an exclusive graphic sky print tee in collaboration with SSENSE. Perhaps the most memorable use of this traditionally industrial materials was Balenciaga’s 2012 Autumn/Winter collection, featuring unexpected silhouettes of blazers, trench coats, tailored pants, and dresses. Among 2014 Spring/Summer trends according to fashion bible Vogue is tribal influences. Design mammoths Valentino, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Céline, Hermès and Emilio Pucci all referenced traditional design techniques from across the globe with intricately embroidered coats, graphic prints, and ponchos and fringe detailing. Finally, London’s Insley and Nash honors the age-old art of textile print screening and dyeing, specifically, techniques that cannot be produced by digital methods such as devoré, foil printing, fluorescent, and metallic inks. The duo has worked with an array of designers for runway presentations, as well as costume designs. Their collaboration with JW Anderson used special techniques to create a three-dimensional texture effect. While all this technology stuff is neat, Insley and Nash’s creations remind us of the specialty and beauty of hand craftsmanship. This closes out our Material World series. Heard of any other neat fashion innovations? Share with us on our Facebook page. Remember to go back and check out Part I, Part II, and Part III of this great series! Thanks for reading!.

Material World: Sudsies Lays Out The Fabrics of the Future, Part III

Sustainable Trends
Companies across all industries continue to be scrutinized for their environmental practices, and the business of fashion is no different. Many fabrics claim to be “green” and labels tout sustainable practices – vegan leathers, organic fabrics, local manufacturing, recycled or repurposed materials, fair trade, etc.  All sounds great, but if this cause is close to heart, we recommend doing a little research to get the full picture behind each claim. A great resource we found is, which allows you to search labels and retailers from around the world through variety of categories.

In our own research, we came across designer Carole Collett, who is elevating eco-friendly fabrics to eco-MADE. She uses her background in science and textile manufacturing to create textiles from “living technology.” Her Bio-Lace work projects what designs plants would create if they were engineered to grow textiles. The resulting images showcase beautifully intricate lace-like patterns from the plants’ roots. It’s a concept we hope to see much more of in the future.

Happy Earth Day!

Next week we’ll go back to the future…


Don’t forget to read Part I and Part II of this series..

Material World: Sudsies Lays Out The Fabrics of the Future, Part II

Fabrics From Another Dimension
First created in 1984, 3D printers focused on applications in architecture, automotive, and the medical industry. Yet, the fashion world has more recently latched onto the technology to aid in advant-garde visions, as well as commerce.

To date, 3D printing technology in fashion has usually been reserved larger companies. The technique gained broad attention when Victoria Secret models strutted in 3D printed wings during its annual fashion show and some designers have experimented with jewelry. Now, clothing is slowly entering the arena. Traditionally, designers have to rely on manufactures to produce their garments and cost usually justifies orders in bulk, thereby the creation of numerous garments of the same or similar styles. 3D printing allows these designers to bypass the manufacturer all together by printing their creation in a production of one, meaning the garment is truly one-of-a-kind.

In the meantime, a couple of start-up fashion companies are using 3D printing to offer custom garments to its clientele. San Francisco’s Continuum is preparing the launch their next 3D printed shoe collection, but their website also allows for customers to custom-create their own bikinis from the technology. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Founder Mary Huang explains that the garments are printed via a plastic derived from nylon, so the texture is not far from traditional fabric.

Electroloom developed a 3D printer specifically for creating customized apparel. Thus far, they have succeed in producing tubes of polymer fabric, but hope to evolve into being able to create fashion basics likes t-shirts and sweaters, as well as textiles that resemble the comfort of cotton.

Here’s even more good news…. Costs are coming down as 3D technology gets more refined, meaning it will soon become much more accessible. Perhaps at-home printers could even become available soon!

Want more? Here’s a hint for our upcoming blog for the Materials World series — Forget rumors of fashion’s snootiness, these next featured designers are down to earth.

Missed Part I of this series? Check it out here..

Material World: Sudsies Lays Out The Fabrics of the Future, Part I

The fashion world is always surprising us with new looks. All cutting, draping and sewing aside, thanks to today’s innovations, the fabric of the garment is what makes some of these garments so fascinating.  As “materialistic” ones ourselves, we compiled our favorite emerging textile trends.

Techie Textiles
Technology is usually an adjective associated with smart phones, computers, and other nifty gadgets, but there are also several advanced fabrics that add function to the fashion.

British designer Hotsquash offers fall/winter and spring/summer collections incorporating ThinHeat™ and CoolFresh™ fabrics, respectively. Inspired by polar bears, the ThinHeat™ technology emulates the hairs of the Artic animal’s fur with engineered hollow-core fibers that trap air for greater insulation. They claim this technology will keep you twice as warm as cotton or wool without the bulk.

Alternatively, CoolFresh™ uses lightweight fabrics made from a combination of multi-channel and hollow fibers that respond to your body’s temperature to keep you cool without the chill, even when the temperature changes. The fabric has also been shown to wick away moisture faster than other breathable fabrics.

This doesn’t mean you’re limited to thermal underwear or teeshirts… Both collections offer an array of garments and styles – shirts, dresses, pants, cardigans, and more – and have received praise from fashion writers for their stylish appeal. Furthermore, care is simple via regular wash and clothing requires little ironing. How cool (or hot) is that?!

We were also intrigued by Designer Nancy Tilbury (also UK-based), who specializes in fashion hybrids of design and science. Her influence is seen in collaboration with Levi’s Nike and Orange, but we were really blown away with her Spike Jacket with sensor detectors that cause the garment to flash when someone comes to close. We foresee this innovation being a great safety tool.

That’s enough tech talk for now. We look forward to sharing more fabrics of the future with you next week!.