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The Power of a Smile

The Power of a Smile

We’d like to think that we are a unique dry cleaner. We try to do more than simply make you look good.  We want you to feel good too.  So, here at Sudsies, we emphasize smiles… and not just theoretically. Turns out, there is real science behind the positive effects of this simple gesture.

Smiling Causes Happiness
Can a mere facial expression snap you out of a mood? A 1998 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates yes. Students were asked to view images of people with positive or negative expressions, with some asked to mimic the expressions they were viewing. Those who simply viewed the images found no change in their mood; however, those who smiled or frowned back found a positive or negative change in their mood, respectively. Furthermore, participants who viewed themselves in the mirror while smiling found even greater changes, indicating that the visual feedback creates self-awareness of the mood-related expressions. So, even if you can’t find someone to smile with you, a glimpse of your happy face can do the trick!

… Even When Forced
Turns out your smile doesn’t even have to be sincere to reap the positive effects. A study last year in the Journal of Physiological Science used chopsticks to put smiles in place on its subjects. Those with the broadest smiles (the kind that involves eye crinkling) recovered from varying stressful situations far quicker than those with smaller smiles and those with neutral expressions. So even if you don’t feel like it, grin and bear it… you might just feel better.

Smiling Makes You More Attractive
Smile,s in of in themselves, are beautiful, but they can actually make you appear more beautiful too. Research in 2003’s Neuropsychologia found that viewing attractive faces activated the brain region responsible for processing sensory rewards. Activity in this region sparked for all “pretty” faces, but was even stronger when the attractive faces were smiling. Another study by Orbit Complete discovered that 69% of people find women more attractive when they smile over than when they wear makeup. Why spend all that money on skincare and beauty products when a smile is free?!

Smiling is Good for Your Health
They say laughter is the best medicine. The book Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion states that smiling activates the release of stress-fighting neuropeptides, specifically the feel-good ones– dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, which all act to lower your heart rates and blood pressure. Furthermore, endorphins are known to act as a natural pain reliever. We’re not saying a smile is going to cure a major migraine, but if accumulated over time, you might find yourself both more happy and healthy.

And the most important thing to know about smiles… They are contagious
Research from the University of North Dakota reports that 50% of people reciprocate a smile. Ok, so half might not seem that overwhelming, but then compare it to the nearly 0% of people who reciprocated a frown. Now, we’re impressed. Regardless, passing on a smile can’t hurt – a Scandinavian Journal of Psychology study found that it takes conscious effort to actually frown when witnessing a smile.

So, today, try to give a smile to at least five people… you never know what positive effects may result.
In addition to handing out free smiles with clean clothes, here are some other ways Sudsies adds that extra pep to our customers’ day.

  • Complimentary pickup & delivery to whatever location you prefer (home, office, boat, park, car… you name it)
  • For those that do visit our facilities, it’s our pleasure to carry your freshly pressed items to the car for you
  • Special efforts for special requests
  • Recognizing important milestones for our clients: birthdays, anniversaries, etc. (If we don’t have it, please share with us so that we may offer a celebratory token on your special day.)
  • Environmentally-friendly practices incorporating EPA-approved processes.


Now, smile . . . and make it a great day!



On A Happy Note…The Insider Scoop Behind Sudsies’ Bubbly Team

Sudsies loves highlighting special people and organizations in our backyard. But this time, we decided to look right inside our home to recognize inspirational work and attitude. So, we’d like to introduce you to Luis Moreno, general manager of Sudsies. Overseeing the operations, customer service, staffing & training, and finances, Luis’ work in realizing the Sudsies vision is as instrumental as the LBD was to Coco Chanel, the red sole to a Louboutin, the Daytona to Rolex…. you get the point. 

Luis’ philosophy is straightforward: Work smart, love what you do, be positive, embrace the company culture, and everything else will come together.

His career is a classic example of how to rise in ranks through a company. At 17, Luis was looking for a summer job and was introduced to Sudsies Founder, Jason Loeb, by his cousin who worked for the dry cleaner at the time. Luis’ first position was to hand out flyers promoting the business during the summer. His spirit was enough to impress, and when he graduated from high school, he started full-time pressing garments in the plant. Soon after learning all the cleaning processes on the back-end, Luis moved into customer service.

“That’s when I really started to love this business,” reflects Luis. “I got to witness first-hand our customers enjoying the quality of work we put into their clothing.”

Sudsies’ internal mantra of “we’re not in the laundry business…we’re in the people business” captured loyalty both externally and internally. The company’s team has swelled from 12 to 105 employees since Luis first joined in 1997. Sudsies now serves Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties with pick-up and delivery, and the entire nation with Sudsies Express service. As Sudsies has grown, so have Luis’ roles and responsibilities.

Among the many general manager duties, Luis maintains that his foremost job is to train, coach and motivate in a way that brings out the best in each team member. It is also to ensure that his managers are leading with high ethical standards. And Luis isn’t just a happy face – he knows his stuff. Sudsies regularly sends him to the industry’s top seminars to learn more about the latest dry cleaning and eco-friendly technology and products, speciality techniques for more delicate fabrics, designer wear and care, and other trends. Luis says this specialized professional development helps him educate the clients. Additionally, this education allows him to relate, understand, and implement improvements on behalf of his fellow employees.

“It inspires me when I see their growth,” says Luis about his team. “To see that my own knowledge or guidance has helped them to emerge as better professionals only makes me want to teach more.”

When asked how he maintains that smile every day, now after more than 17 years with Sudsies, Luis provides the perfect response, “Funny, I’m actually smiling now that you just said that. Simply, we have great support: our ownership, our management, our staff. We have a culture that recognizes the incredibly large and important role everyone plays in running our business smoothly. Smiling is easy when you know you’re part of a great team striving for the same thing.”

The Cloth Behind The Clothes: Part One – KNITS

The Sudsies Fall Fashion Fabric Guide includes six of the 2013’s top fall trends.  Up first is knits! Slouchy, oversized, form-fitting, patterned, tightly woven, or intricately crocheted, knits are a classic fall go-to.  In his show, Marc Jacobs paired sweaters and pencil skirts for a new kind of “suit”, while Mara Hoffman showed large pullovers with skinny pants.

Care Cautions:

  • Before purchasing, keep in mind that knit fabrics are often stretched before even making it to stores during the processing process.  Knitted loops should be round.  Elongated or long loops are a sign that the garment had already been stretched.
  • Have extra drawer or shelf space available.  Ideally, knits should be stored flat with tissue.
  • If knits must be hung, use a properly-sized padded hanger for tops.  For bottoms, use a soft-clip hanger and clip so that the garment does not sag, stretch or droop.  Even if the article has hanging loops, do not use, as they will pull and distort the shape over time.
  • Networking is an important part of business, but try not to wear knits for functions that may require name tags, as the adhesive can create “fuzzy” damage when removed.
  • Avoid pushing up the sleeves.  Over time, the fabric will lose resiliency and hang shapelessly over the forearms. For South Floridians, save the knits for assuredly cool days to avoid the urge to hike up the sleeves.


Snow Bunnies: Good. Dust Bunnies: Bad The Sudsies Guide to Ski Wear Storage

Time to replace the hot cocoa with lemonade…ski season is coming to a close.  Hopefully, you’ve mastered a new trick or two on the slopes, though it’s likely your snow apparel underwent a little wear-and-tear in the process.  Before storing ski clothing, there’s a few things you can do to ensure its in tip-top shape for when the resorts reopen.

  • Give all items a good cleaning to remove any excess water and prevent mold and mildew from harboring over the summer.  This includes, hats, headbands, gloves, scarves and socks (no, your boots are NOT the best place to be storing your socks).
  • For the extreme winter sport adventurers (or just the accident-prone), now is the time to mend any rips and tears in jackets and pants to help prevent any further damage, as well as remove stains so they don’t permanently set or attract critters while in storage.
  • Once clean, do not store items in plastic bags or containers.  This will only lock in moisture and humidity, counteracting the benefits of cleaning beforehand.  Storing without any protectant or well-sealed coverings, on the other hand, can make clothing susceptible to insects and other pests.  Specialty storage boxes or natural cotton garment bags, such as those found at the Container Store, are good options.  Clean, ventilated suitcases are another alternative.
  • Ideally, avoid placing in environments prone to high temperatures.  Cool, dark, dry places help prevent any fading and mildew growth.

As for tips on extending the life of ski gear, check out this article from

Proper storage takes a little extra effort, but come next winter, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes!  Let Sudsies make it a littler easier for you…we’re known for our specialty garment services and can have your items clean and ready for their summer hibernation.  For even more added convenience, make use of our new Sudsies Express Services, where you can ship your clothes to us right from your ski town and we’ll prepare and have them delivered back to your South Florida home, or wherever your Summer travels take you within the USA..

Sudsies Takes Competition to the Cleaners, Captures #1 Spot in WPLG Local 10 Top 10

The people have spoken!  Sudsies Dry Cleaners & Laundry is officially South Florida’s most beloved dry cleaner as the category winner in the 2013 WPLG Local 10 Top 10.  The television station granted the company the top ranking following a dynamic voting campaign conducted through the station’s website and social media outlets.  Sudsies offers a full range of clothing and specialty item services across Miami-Dade and Broward counties, including complimentary pick-up and delivery to its clientele’s location of choice.

“This is such a great honor,” says Founder and President Jason Loeb of the results.  “We’ve developed a great team that is truly dedicated to quality of work and above-and-beyond service.  It’s wonderful to see that our customers are responding enthusiastically to our efforts.”


Founded in 1996, Sudsies has been a pioneer in the industry, becoming South Florida’s first fully-mobile dry cleaner.  The company has expanded its services over the years to meet every customer need including environmentally-friendly dry cleaning, laundry, alterations, restoration and preservation, as well as care of couture garments, wedding gowns and other specialty items.  Most recently, Sudsies opened a second processing facility in North Miami and enhanced its customer convenience even further by offering Sudsies Express Mail services across the United States.

High-tech facilities, in-depth skills and expertise, and customer convenience are part of the Sudsies S.M.I.L.E. mantra to provide friendly, impacting experiences for its clients.  Both locations incorporate EPA-sanctioned green cleaning initiatives including wet cleaning processes, gentle detergents, water-conserving machinery and recyclable hangers and packaging.

More information about Sudsies and its many offerings can be found at or by phoning 1.888.898.SUDS (7837).


Hanging Tough . . .

I recently read an article that detailed the world’s most expensive clothing hanger. For $460, you get a birch-wood plywood mold with your selection from an array of designs across the lower rod area. You’d have to be a pretty serious, and wealthy, fashionista to invest in that.

While not as extravagant, we at Sudsies think our hangers are pretty nifty too. Forget wimpy wires, your clothes will hang happily upon return from our facility. The blue coating is safe on fabric, while the speciality design ensures no wearing or warping around the shoulder area. For slippery garments, our plastic hangers have built-in fasteners, while our wide shoulder design option supports heavier pieces to prevent any sagging.

Even Mother Nature loves our packaging, which is made completely from recyclable material. Furthermore, we provide recycling assistance for the hangers (if you’re willing to part with them) – simply return the items to our facility, or place with your next Sudsies order for complimentary pick-up.

While your clothing may not command a $460 hanger, they do deserve to be perched on quality hangers that preserve their look and overall life. For more information about our many laundry and dry cleaning services, visit us at

Clean Tip from Sudsies:  Once your dry cleaning order is returned safe and sound, remove the plastic covering before placing back in closet to prevent any humidity moisture from building up and getting locked inside, which can cause damage to your favorite items over time. Good news, Sudsies protective coverings are made of recyclable materials too!


Don’t let competition’s website outshine you

huge_8_41298What does a local brick-and-mortar business really need to know and do to get going online? You probably think, as I did, that the first step is to develop a website.

This obvious answer came quickly: People search for information on the Internet; a website insures your presence. But a second thought tickled my mind: Is the obvious really the best answer?

So I did my homework: The decision — website or not — depends on your market, location and competition. Actually, a brick-and-mortar business may have a better chance of being found through search listings than via a new website. So, building a website may not necessarily be your first priority.

This question came from the owner of a well-established dry cleaning store. I learned that referrals provide new customers. Successfully taking on difficult cleaning tasks has built their reputation. They also do expert alterations.

When I entered “dry cleaners” and the ZIP code in Google, their store showed up within a local cluster of nine other dry cleaners — all within easy driving distance for prospective customers. Local search tools provide presence for all nine. But, looking closely, only one competitor takes full advantage of the search engine’s marketing resources.

An effective local listing requires much more than entering a business’ name, address and telephone number. An effective listing requires an ongoing investment of time, patience and creativity — but almost everything is free.
Start by checking your business presence with the local listing power players: Google Maps, Yahoo! Local Listings and Yellow Pages. Other local directories help you create a business profile on their pages: SuperPages, SwitchBoard and CitySearch.

Think of each of these local profile pages as a mini business website. If you create a profile on just five different platforms, you’ll have five mini websites in places where prospects are likely to be looking for a business like yours.

Local listing sites may already show basic business information: name, address and telephone. They’ve gathered this information from other sources. When this takes place, claim the profile; then update and start enhancing with information for both users and search engines.

Without a doubt, Google Maps is the most powerful for localized online marketing. They provide applications for the iPhone and other mobile devices, as well as an automatic top spot on Google searches that specify location.
Make it a point to visit Google’s Local Business Center ( Their video demo provides clear and concise guidance on how best to enhance your listings. Easy-to-understand analytics help grow your business. Attract new customers by adding Google Coupons to your listing. This feature is free!

SuperPages Business Solutions provide a variety of enhancement options including do-it-yourself video ad production. Consider pay-per-click ads to maximize marketing dollars; only pay for quality leads that actually click to learn more about your business (

The most important listing enhancement is customer reviews and ratings. So encourage your customers: Ask for reviews and ratings, then remind them to do so with a note on each delivery. But avoid the temptation to write the reviews yourself; they never ring true.

Will you ever need a website? Look to your competition:, dry cleaners and laundry. They guarantee free, on-time pickup and delivery in both Dade and Broward counties. I’d say they’ve got a powerful new idea. One that cherry picks the most profitable zones and customers. I’d ask if their business model is more profitable than opening new store locations.

Courtesy of The Miami Herald, September 28th, 2009, written by Jack Hardy. Here is a link to the article:


Service, Service, Service!!!

sudsvanRemember back in the day, when businesses used to go that extra mile to assure your satisfaction and convenience at every step?

From the personal tailor in the luxurious department store to the hand-delivered, ice-cold gallon of milk on your front porch, it’s those special personalized touches that are often lacking in today’s hectic, need-it-now society. Sure, the word “convenience” is everywhere, but how often is it really and memorably delivered upon these days?

Well, Sudsies hasn’t forgotten what it was like then. And we’re dedicated to keeping that special feeling alive today.

At Sudsies, we pride ourselves on being eco-friendly, designer dud-savvy and prompt and professional. But if there’s one thing we truly hang our hat on, it’s our FREE pickup and delivery service.

Free pickup and delivery have been part of the Sudsies story since Day One, yet we’ve found that our customers aren’t always aware of this convenient and cost-saving offering.

So allow us to give you a quick primer.

It all starts at, our interactive and easy-to-use website. Once there, just click on the “Free Pickup & Delivery” button along the left-hand side, then click the “Sign Up” bubble. That will take you to a fast form where you’ll be asked to enter relevant contact information, including service details and cleaning instructions.

Once you’ve signed up here, you can put yourself on a fixed schedule – daily, weekly, biweekly, whatever works best for you. If you want us to pick up your dirty clothes every Monday and deliver them freshly cleaned every Thursday, we can do that. If you’d like us to pick up every Tuesday and deliver every Friday, that’s cool too. You name it. We’ll make it happen. The choice is all yours.

And of course, if you happen to suddenly find a stain on your favorite dress and need us to swing on by, you can always go online to request a pickup – and we’ll alert one of our drivers in your neighborhood right away.

It’s that easy. That personal. That convenient. And best of all, it’s entirely free of charge.

It’s all part of our dedication to going the extra mile to make you happy. Without ever stopping to check the odometer along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Visit today. And get reacquainted with the time-honored art of personalized convenience.


Cleaning and Preserving Your Wedding Dresses

page_weddings_rightIt’s about that time of the year. Spring has sprung. Love is in the air. And, for many, so are wedding bells.

We can’t help you when it comes to planning your Big Day. But if it’s tips on preserving your wedding dress you’re looking for…well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a traditional gown that’s been passed down for generations or a new contemporary designer dress you’re looking to protect from the ravages of time, it should always be treated with the utmost care. Here’s how.

First off, be sure to save the bag your dress came in to protect it en route to the dry cleaner. As soon as you can after your wedding, bring the protected dress to the dry cleaner you’ve selected, or have a friend or family member drop it off while you enjoy your honeymoon (the better option, if you can trust them).

Remember that not all dry cleaners specialize in this intensive, hands-on kind of work – although at Sudsies, we do. You might want to ask married friends or your bridal shop or seamstress for recommendations. Just be wary of any so-called “bargains” – cleaning and preserving a pricey and elaborate wedding dress requires time, expertise and equipment.

Once at your dry cleaner, alert them to any stains – a drop of champagne, a smudge of lipstick or wedding cake – as well as any glued-on ornaments and any loose stitches. The more your cleaner knows about your dress, the more detailed and personal care they can provide.

Your cleaner should provide a special acid-free box to store your dress in, and pack it in acid-free tissue paper. This specialized packaging method helps control humidity, purging oxygen and replacing it with an inert gas that makes further oxidation virtually impossible. This treatment also helps protect your gown from mold, mildew and insect damage. Just be sure to take a few moments to inspect your dress prior to boxing it up. Sometimes, even the pros miss a detail here or there.

Once back home from your honeymoon, store the dress in a temperate, dry place. Always keep it away from direct sunlight. You can also hang the dress by the bodice by sewing straps that are a bit shorter than the bodice onto the waist, placing it on a padded hanger and wrapping it in a clean white cotton sheet.

Once a year – perhaps on your anniversary – carefully inspect the dress to check for any discolored areas or stains. This is also an opportunity to allow your dress – and you – to “breathe” a little bit.

Remember, if you take as much care in preserving your dress as you did in selecting and preparing it, it can be cherished and worn as a family treasure for generations to come.


Caring for your Designer Duds

dry cleanSo you wear a Giorgio Armani® power suit. Or a Christian Dior® silk gown. Or a Bottega Veneta® leather belt. Or maybe even all of the above (Hey, we don’t judge here at Sudsies). Your wardrobe is now like you. Special. Classy. Intricate. Stylish. Sophisticated. Complete.

But how do you give these luxury garments the care they deserve? How do you make sure they retain all the luster and allure that comes with the power of the label (and the sheen of freshly minted designer duds)?

Generally, the best rule of thumb when caring for your designer or custom-made clothing is to always follow the care instructions on the label. Keep in mind that different types of clothing material need different degrees of care. Some types of clothes simply won’t survive if you wash them with detergent. Others will magically shrink and shift shape if you tumble dry them. Pay close attention to the label. And follow it to the letter.

Remember that silk is protein fiber similar to human hair, and is very delicate. Silk clothing can often be effectively hand-washed as well as dry cleaned, and better quality silk often looks better and lasts longer when hand-cleaned in water.

If hand-washing silk:

  • use cool or lukewarm water with a small amount of mild detergent or soap
  • avoid soaking, as this may fade the dye
  • avoid machine washing (even on gentle cycle) and drying – a surefire way to damage the fabric when most of the water is out, finer silk should be hung up to dry, while coarser varieties like bourette should be dried on a flat surface (away from sunlight)

To avoid any confusion and hard labor, you could always take your luxury clothing item, even those that carry a hand-wash care instruction, to a dry cleaner. But not just any dry cleaner. For the best results, look for a dry cleaner who is professionally trained (there are only two accredited dry cleaning schools in America, but if a cleaner cares, he’ll go), and find one who specializes in hand-spotting, hand-pressing and hand-finishing treatments. Remember that a hands-on, attentive approach is key here. Your dry cleaner should personally and meticulously examine every inch of every piece according to material type, ornamentation, construction of garment and designed detail.

Whatever course of action you follow, be sure to take special care of your designer clothing. If you don’t maintain your designer or custom-made items properly, you’ll likely end up throwing them away, which equals hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars wasted. And there’s nothing stylish about that.