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Hanging Tough . . .

I recently read an article that detailed the world’s most expensive clothing hanger. For $460, you get a birch-wood plywood mold with your selection from an array of designs across the lower rod area. You’d have to be a pretty serious, and wealthy, fashionista to invest in that.

While not as extravagant, we at Sudsies think our hangers are pretty nifty too. Forget wimpy wires, your clothes will hang happily upon return from our facility. The blue coating is safe on fabric, while the speciality design ensures no wearing or warping around the shoulder area. For slippery garments, our plastic hangers have built-in fasteners, while our wide shoulder design option supports heavier pieces to prevent any sagging.

Even Mother Nature loves our packaging, which is made completely from recyclable material. Furthermore, we provide recycling assistance for the hangers (if you’re willing to part with them) – simply return the items to our facility, or place with your next Sudsies order for complimentary pick-up.

While your clothing may not command a $460 hanger, they do deserve to be perched on quality hangers that preserve their look and overall life. For more information about our many laundry and dry cleaning services, visit us at

Clean Tip from Sudsies:  Once your dry cleaning order is returned safe and sound, remove the plastic covering before placing back in closet to prevent any humidity moisture from building up and getting locked inside, which can cause damage to your favorite items over time. Good news, Sudsies protective coverings are made of recyclable materials too!


Become a Happy Camper!

As our children head to camp this Summer, we can expect them to return with tales of adventure, new skills, souvenirs….and a lot of soiled clothing.  When it comes to the Great Outdoors, it’s the gritter, the better for kids. No worries – let us at Sudsies Dry Cleaners & Laundry battle the mud, grass and other “natural wonder” stains with quick, easy laundry service by the pound. We give each item a deep cleaning, preparation and ready-to-go delivery for a fresh send-off or storage until next Summer.”

Arranging laundry service with us is as easy as one, two… tree (sorry, couldn’t resist)! Through out customer service team or our website, arrangements can be self-scheduled or automated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for day camp needs. For those embarking on lengthy sleep-away camp excursions, we also accommodate bulk loads. Priced at $1.89 per pound, the service includes eco-friendly washing, drying, and folding before being placed in neat packaging. In addition to clothing and towels, our team specializes in care for sleeping bags, tents, even Teddy and other stuffed camp companions. For additional convenience, all items can be picked up directly from the home and returned within a two- to three-day timeframe.

What are you waiting for? Tell Summer laundry to take a hike and contact us today at 888.898.SUDS (7837) or

SUDSIES TIP: Planning a family vacation? Take advantage of Sudsies’ laundry service in preparation for or following the big trip, so you can focus less on packing/unpacking chores and more on all the exciting new memories.