On the front lines, we hope that our customers have experienced nothing but prompt service, a friendly attitude, and impeccable clothing. This year, we’d like to take our relationship with our customers to the next level and are extending a key to our place for a behind the scenes tour of our facilities.

As with any potential partner, it’s useful to get to know and understand how he/she works. In fact, everyone should be able to ask and be granted a tour of their preferred dry cleaner location. Some things to look for as you view the facilities:

Our employees – gonzalo martnez dianda

  •  Cleanliness – does it feel pristine both in front and back of house? We are in the cleaning business, if a dry cleaner can’t keep its work-space clean, how will it treat your garments? Sudsies has two team members dedicated solely to cleaning our space every day of operation. It makes us more effective cleaners, but also boosts team morale by providing a comfortable place for our employees to work in.
  • Organization – Sure, dry cleaners literally have loads of clothes, but a solid organizational system should be evident. Again, this speaks to a cleaner’s ability to effectively treat and return your orders in a timely manner, as well as minimize misplaced items.
  • Equipment – Ideally, equipment should use the latest technology, ensuring the most effective, yet gentle processes are used to prolong the life of a garment. No matter the model; however, machinery should be well maintained. After all, you wouldn’t trust your loved ones in a beat-up old car… the same should go for your beloved wardrobe. The way a cleaner cares for its own things is a direct indication of its ability and desire to care for yours.
  • Staff – First impressions last forever.  A cleaning technician should be able to answer any questions you may have and give you a solid sense of his/her experience. Even better, a friendly and enthusiastic meeting assures that he/she enjoys the job… and is spreading the love onto your garments.

Allow us to woo you and show our commitment to you and your clothing. Feel free to contact us anytime to arrange a private tour at either of our Sudsies boutiques. We assure you that we’re keepers worthy of your business.